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Disrupting the cycle of poverty in Lancaster and beyond

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We choose to focus our philanthropy on systemic change, where possible, seeking opportunities that lead to collective impact for the benefit of the community – bringing people together in an intentional and structured way, with a common agenda, to achieve positive social change."

Suzanne M. High, Vice Chair

A Commitment to Equality

High Foundation is committed to the principle that all people are created equal and to helping to advance a diverse and stimulating world for the next generation. To further these commitments, the High Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that its practices, operations, investments, loans, and grants further the goals of embracing diversity, broadening opportunity for all groups in society, and promoting mutual respect, equality, and diversity in employment, the work environment, and community relations.

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Legacy of Investment

Since 1980, the High Family has been giving back to the Lancaster community through its charitable organization, High Foundation, which is dedicated to eliminating poverty and revitalizing the Lancaster community. This generous philanthropy has enabled the Foundation to invest millions in grants to other charitable organizations who envision and advance equality, sustainability, vibrancy, and growth in Lancaster.

Building the Bridge

The Foundation’s core areas of giving are inspired by the call to extend ourselves for the common good by creating paths or Bridges to Opportunity and empowerment, instead of creating additional entitlement programs that tend to trap and ensnare our neighbors.

Through grant programs, the Foundation engages with community groups and stakeholders to solve problems in areas including education, housing, transportation, healthcare, financial literacy, childcare, nutrition and more.

Each year, the Foundation contributes more than $2 million toward eliminating the issues that contribute to the cycle of poverty in Lancaster. Many organizations have benefitted from the generosity of High Foundation.

As a bridge builder, High Foundation provides the leadership, forums, and resources to connect community organizations to the people who will benefit from them. The Foundation seeks to effect collaborative, innovative, sustainable change in the community, operating on the core principle that all people are created equal and that we need to help shape a diverse and inclusive world for the next generation.

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High Foundation’s support puts equity front and center of our City’s next Comprehensive Plan and future by enabling us to hire a professional facilitator to provide Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training and help guide our decision-making process."

— Douglas Smith, Chief Planner, City of Lancaster

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We deeply cherish our decades-long partnership with High Foundation. We are grateful for the Foundation’s meaningful generosity and interest in sustaining our library as a vibrant center of innovation and learning in our community.”

– Sarah Penniman, Director of the High Library, Elizabethtown College

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Our investment is distributed through grant programs and collaboration with community organizations and stakeholders. Foundation decisions are based on the core principle that all people are created equal and that we need to help shape a diverse and inclusive world for the next generation.

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