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High Foundation, a Bridge to Opportunity

Empowering a path to a brighter tomorrow.





S. Dale High has emboldened High Foundation through an extraordinary act of business leadership and philanthropic innovation that will benefit our community for generations to come.


Watch Dale's personal message below.

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Bridge to Opportunity

Historically, High Foundation funding was distributed into the community mainly through grants. Under the new structure, those grants will indeed increase and, going forward, investments will also include major projects and social impact investments.

Serving the Greater Good

High Foundation's mission is to improve the lives of people who live and work in Lancaster City, Lancaster County, and other communities in which High companies provide economic investment and employment.


Our objective is to enact positive, systemic change that will last well beyond our lifetimes. We support and champion projects which enable the dignity, diversity, equality, and inclusion of all people and generate beneficial social and environmental impact. The Foundation engages with those sharing a common interest in eliminating poverty and creating a vibrant, thriving city.


High Foundation’s investment is distributed through grant programs and collaboration with community organizations and stakeholders. Foundation decisions are based on the core principle that all people are created equal and that we need to help shape a diverse and inclusive world for the next generation.

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High Foundation understands the infrastructure needs of running a nonprofit and supports projects related to building repairs and maintenance, which allows us to keep our core focus on the work that we do for our most under-resourced neighbors.”

– Gail Rittenhouse, Former Director, Lancaster County FoodHub

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Powered by Legacy

Our benefactor, S. Dale High, has always had a heart for his hometown of Lancaster, Pa. From the very beginning of his career, Dale has considered leadership and service to the community his duty. A visionary by nature, Dale’s commitment to people and place is the driving force for his success as an entrepreneur and philanthropist—a commitment shared by his family and fulfilled through their philanthropic organization—High Foundation.

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We are on this earth for a purpose that is larger than our own interests. That purpose is to strive to make the world a better place…beginning in our community”

– S. Dale High