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Building a path to a brighter tomorrow




Building Bridges to Opportunity

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Our Mission

With a heart of service and a spirit of collaboration, High Foundation builds bridges to opportunity for individuals, organizations, and communities, striving for an equitable world of beauty, prosperity, and peace.

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We are on this earth for a purpose that is larger than our own self-interests, and we must strive to make the world a better place.”

– S. Dale High

Higher Purpose

A visionary by nature, S. Dale High’s commitment to people and place have always been a driving force for his success as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. With that spirit, Dale emboldened High Foundation through an extraordinary act of business leadership and philanthropic innovation that will benefit our community for generations to come. Watch Dale's personal message below.

Our Work Makes a Difference

Thanks to the transition of ownership of High companies to High Foundation, High coworkers are now even more invested in their communities. Learn how their hard work makes a difference each and every day.

Core Values


Servant Leadership

  • We listen carefully.
  • We approach our work with humility.
  • We develop trustworthy relationships.
  • We actively collaborate with community partners, coworkers, and peers.
  • We operate with a high level of integrity and transparency.


  • We have the courage to take risks, even in the midst of challenges and uncertainties.
  • We seek out and support innovation to keep our ideas fresh and to find new solutions.
  • We are committed to transformative impact, by actively convening the resources and talent in our communities.
  • We are forward thinking and are patient when necessary.
  • We are a catalyst for change.


  • We seek to ensure that everyone in our communities has the opportunity to be successful, recognizing that everyone is starting from a different place.
  • We believe that everyone deserves dignity and respect.
  • We include the people who are most affected by an issue in the dialogue about the solutions.


  • We honor what has been given to us and the contributions of High coworkers, and we commit to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to having an impact with the Foundation’s resources and to staying true to the Donor Intent and our guiding values.
  • We understand our ownership of the High companies creates employment opportunities and positive community impact that is consistent with our mission.


  • We are full of hope and expectation as we approach our work.
  • We have a positive focus, and we presume good intent.
  • We persevere, even in the face of challenges.
  • We believe we can make a difference.